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In addition to professional astronomers, there are quite a few lovers who devote their free time to exploring the planets and stars in the space. You can look at the starry sky and planets and study it without leaving the city or even without a telescope. All you need is a planetarium software and you can get transferred into the virtual observatory or even space!

Thanks to the modern astronomy software for kids, they can take a close look at the planets and make amazing journeys. In just a few seconds, you can easily get to any point of our galaxy, as well as beyond its borders, to observe different planets known to science with the help of a three-dimensional image from any angle.

Planetarium 3D for Windows 10 allows to choose a planet you desire to explore and get closer to it and see their topography, geological parameters and atmospheric characteristics in details by rotating it in any way desired. Alternatively, kids can zoom out and manually rotate it or follow the movement of the celestial objects in real and accelerated time, by adjusting the speed.

An ability to change where the light is coming from with a click of a mouse allows to see how the planet looks at nighttime or light the parts you want to see the topography better and in more details. The 3D model of the planets is done with the help of actual photos taken from the satellites in space, so they look very much realistic and show the real topography.

The astronomy software for kids is very intuitive and simple to use, so they will love to play around and learn more about the planets in our space. It is available in several languages and switching between planets requires a simple click on the name of the planet you want to explore. The planetarium software can be easily downloaded to your device with Window 10 operating system and you and your kid can go on a real space journey!

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Planet Facts for Kids

We live on the planet Earth, which is part of the so-called Solar System, in the middle of which is the Sun. Earth is not alone in the solar system. There are eight planets in total - Mercury, Venus, Earth and Moon, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, which you can explore in this planetarium software.

Each planet in the solar system has amazing characteristics and features. After all, each of them is a miracle of the Universe and all of them are strikingly different from each other. And interesting facts about the planets and solar system information fascinate adults and children and bring them into the world of the unknown space, stirring up imagination and open the way for new dreams. Here are some interesting and fun planet facts for kids that will surely spark your curiosity:

  • Things familiar to us would weigh significantly less on Mercury than they do on Earth because the gravity on it is much weaker due to the size of the planet itself.
  • All the planets rotate in one direction except for Venus. It moves exactly in the opposite direction.
  • Only Earth has the most valuable resource for life - water, thanks to which, about 3.5 billion years ago, life originated here. And the Earth is the most beautiful from Space!
  • The highest mountain in the entire solar system is located on Mars. This is an inactive volcano with a height of over 21 kilometers.
  • The largest planet is Jupiter. It is three hundred times heavier than our planet and the record holder for moons – 53 of them already have name and 26 are waiting to be named.
  • Being the second largest giant planet after Jupiter, Saturn is also the lightest planets. After all, it consists mostly of hydrogen and helium. An elegant ring system represented by ice and stone fragments is concentrated around Saturn.
  • Uranus has a temperature of about -220 degrees Celsius, making it one of the coldest planets. Interestingly, the planet is moving as if lying on its side and activity on it, such as storms, is much more dynamic than it was thought until recently.
  • Neptune is the only planet that was discovered with the help of mathematical calculations, and not with the help of observation. A strong wind, the speed of which can exceed 2000 kilometers per hour, blows on this planet.

If you are looking for a software that will teach the basics of astronomy science for kids or even yourself, then Planetarium 3D might be exactly what you are looking for! It has enough solar system information to satisfy the curious mind of your kid and a great visual model that will intrigue more interest and reinforce the planet facts he or she learned.

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Space Science for Kids

The space topic is infinite. Especially since astronomy is a constantly evolving science. Scientists are working daily to study the universe, discovering new planets and analyzing their characteristics, gradually revealing to the world more and more space secrets.

The emergence of the planets began billions of years ago. According to scientists, they are about 5 billion years old. Around this time, the gas cloud shrank and turned into a giant core. This is how our sun appeared. Various space debris rotated around it, connected with each other, forming planets. At first, they were red-hot, like the sun, but later they cooled and became solid. This is how the planets appeared.

Outer space is huge and extremely gorgeous. There are completely different laws, everything is very complicated. That is why we study this topic with such admiration, gradually learning more about the stars and planets. Many facts may well surprise you and interactive way of learning astronomy makes the whole process very exciting.

Kids love everything that has to do with space, space crafts and aliens. Celestial objects such as stars, planets, natural satellites, asteroids, comets attract kids and they want to learn everything they possibly can. Planetarium 3D is a software that makes astronomy science easier to understand and entertaining.

Hands-on space science for kids is an amazing way to interest your child in science and learning in general. It makes the past time not only full of new thrilling findings, but also easily remember these new information and fact because everything is reinforced visually. Life like models of all the planet will enable your child to form the right perception of the planets and know what they really look like.

There is no need to stuff the little kid with information that is too complicated for him or her, thus, Planetarium 3D has a short description of each planet and only those facts listed for each planet that will build the basis for future learning and exploration. This way, your kid will not feel like he or she is sitting in a classroom and trying to learn boring stuff. Astronomy science is an exciting subject and this software makes sure that kids see it in this positive way.

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Planetarium 3D Screensaver

For those who want to enjoy the view of different planets, a Planetarium 3D screensaver was created. You have an option to download it for free and get far away from everything, as far as the space, during the breaks between work and other tasks.

Animated 3D screensaver shows different planets that look as real as they could be on your screen and you can watch as they rotate and the sunlight lights appropriate parts of each planet. This screensaver relaxes and allows to adore all the wonderful planets in our Solar System.

If you love astronomy and want to instill this love into your child or he or she likes it as much as you do, then a free space screensaver that features all 8 planets of our Solar System in very high detail will be a great option for decorating your screen. Go on a space trip with animated 3D screensaver right now!

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